Introduction to Crowdsourcing jobs
Crowdsourcing is now a most favourite job ever. Workers are also happy because they get big reward with a small task.Mostly People prefer these jobs because of No boss system. You also have no need to Do it regularly. Do these jobs when you feel free yourself.
Today I am going to tell you something about crowdsourcing.
Manyn of the firms prefer to obtain data or Observations at low cost via Online Crowdsourcing.They also prefer this method because they can get data without sending their Emplyees to other countries. IF they use employees for this purpose they get it expensive for following reasons.
 Airoplane tickets
 Hotel reservation
 Double pay
 Allounces
 Security
 Medical facilities
 Vehicles and their petrols
 Taxes
Above circumstances makes a project very expensive.Companies Get Al their work done on low cost
In next Artcles I am starting series of Crowdsourcing sites and Opportunities.

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