How to Cook eggs with Cellphone?. Is this Possible?
p You will think this is magic. No way guys. Not at all. Then how. By social engineering. Hmm. After this tut you will do this trick. Use it for Good purpose, energy saving. Phenomenon is just radio waves of mobile phone. This trick also tells that How dangerous cell phones are. You just have to create microwave structure. As they call from one phone to another one and let them to running call. They called
from one cell phone to
mode. Now place tape
recorder in front of every phone so the sounds remain imitate. And cell phone remain on and in talking mode.

16 mints later: Egg turned warm from cold.

30 mints later, turned hot.

45 mints later, turned extreme hot.
After an hour eggs turned cooked.
Only for educational Purpose. No responsibillity of Any loss.
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