As the world is progressing very fast. Now peoples are playing with the holograms and the drones but the some people are still in the stone age and are the constant source of fear for others. While the products and technologies are going forward, people are going backward.
This was not so bad if they go bad but it goes worst when people use the technology for their ill and evil purposes. They do not care for other of humans but they brood enmity in them.
Wars, defense and terrorism has been major issue for this generation. The people and governments are utilizing the technology to protect the people.
But there is a negative side of this technology is also. One bad thing is that these tools are not automatic but these tools are operated by Operators and off course these operators are the human beings.

Hidden Cameras Inside the Mirrors

As you go to any clothes outlet and then you choose any product that you love most. Then there is only one issue about the trying and checking the fittings of the clothes in order to save time and have better results.
Have you ever noticed that those rooms have reflecting mirrors. You can not imagine what is these used for. You will be content that these mirrors are just for checking purpose then you are wrong.
There are hidden Cameras Behind.
Those cameras have multi purposes. You can not call them security check. That is only privacy breach and a major or minor method to blackmail. In this tutorial we will discuss how to detect those hidden cameras and how to deal with them

How To Know About the Cameras

As most of the cameras are deployed by the evil minded People therefore it is not easier to know about them. And second thing you can not know about that what is behind the mirror. Mirrors are reflecting but it does not mean that you can not know about them. actually these mirror are two sided mirrors and you can not get them until there is high frequency light on other side.
There are the steps that may be helpful for you
Method 1: First you knock the mirror, it may make a little bit sense. If you can not judge that then you must have experience this in home. This method may not helpful for you. but third method will  be helpful for you also.
Method 2:  If you have access to the lights then try once. if there is light on other side then they will be exposed. Mostly there is no light on the side of the cameras therefore this may also not helpful for you
Method 3: Third method is  bit technical but it is easier one also to know of this scenario also.
just place tip of fingernail on surface or mirror & if there is GAP
b/w fingernail and
image of nail, then this is real mirror.
If nail directly touches then the image then its a 2-way mirror.
(someone is seeing you or snapping you from other side)

It is free of Cost. It is simple.Gap on the
real mirror is just because of silver
on back of the mirror
under glass. Whereas
on two-way mirror, the silver is
on the surface. Keep it in mind! There are cams in hotel rooms also.

This tip is for the innocent peoples, who can be victim of these traps. If someone implements as negative one then authors are not responsible.

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