Many of you have experienced that your cell phone got wet during rain, or in a Party your Friends or kids throw water, or a kid take your cell into his/her mouth Sometimes you have experienced this in your bathroom Or in a kitchen during Cooking.

As you have Common Sense, you removed your battery from your cell phone. But you are not an expert to do other thing. Suppose you are expert you only can protect Your Cell phone, not your battery. How to Protect your Battery? How?
No Problem Man. I will tell you the solution. Just follow the steps and recycle your battery.
1. First of All remove Your Battery.
2. Now Find a Vacuumed box or a box with air tight lid.
3. After this now place battery in the Box.
4. Fill the Box with Rice.
5. Shut down the Box.
6. Now dry your mob with Dryer.
7. Now Place your cell phone on Pc Monitor. (Monitor should be on and do not place cell on gaps of Monitor).
8. After 24 hours withdraw battery from Box.
9. Now your battery is Ok.
Rice is universal observer. This Trick is money Saving.

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